AUM IT SOLUTIONS-Opening the Global IT Technology to you

While the world is slowly turning into a global village, AUM IT SOLUTIONS Computer Institute is the one IT Training company that is providing the required skills recognized across international borders, thus making every graduate a sort after candidate for good employment. Established in 2006, the company is offering a number of intensive and basic programming courses coupled with all thing related to IT solutions. AUM IT Solutions Computer Training Lenasia offers exactly what we say ,that is, computer solutions to satisfy our customers every need, AUM IT Solutions C.E.O says that computer knowledge in today's environment and the future would be a necessity rather than a luxury. Thus AUM IT Solutions is offering basic computer literacy for the older and less influenced with technology, to the web technology, including PHP, XML,HTML, MY-SQL, and a whole host of other languages. The Company also provides actual programming training, including many popular programming languages like SUN JAVA, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#. What is truly encouraging, is that AUM IT Solutions also understands that today's markets are looking for Graphic Designers, and as such, caters for those that wish to take on this exciting challenge as well. Coupled with courses in Call Center, Project Management and new languages like Linux RedHat, AUM IT Solutions provides for need to integrating the accounting factor prevalent in every business, and, is effectively offering Pastel Accounting training. AUM IT Solutions offers flexiable times and stress free environment, including personal attention, with training manuals you keep for life, and free lifetime telephone support to our Students.

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